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So here I am.  As I sat going through old Facebook photos it made me really think about what the hell I did to myself.  In 4 years, I gained 47 lbs and while people tell me “oh you don’t look like you have” or “oh I can still recognize you,” I feel miserable and uncomfortable under all of the excess fat. I know this is not who I am and it upsets me when my old jeans don’t fit or I am constantly having to go out and by bigger sizes.  

As you know from my last written post, I started T25 back in February.  My starting weight at the time was 176 and as of two weeks ago I was at 169.1.  Yes, I have not weighed myself in two weeks.  Why?  I got off track. I had been staying late at work and stopped prepping my food.  I half assed the majority of the T25 work outs - skipping days, doubling up on work outs to catch up.  After I stopped prepping my food for the week, I ended up not tracking my meals, binge eating, and starting not to care.  My work got to the best of me and I am mad at myself for letting it do that.  I need to leave work at work and just focus on myself.

With Vegas fast approaching, I am hoping to start back into my routine finishing up T25, focusing on the two 5K’s I have in April, and watching what I am eating.  Most importantly, I will not let what is going on at my job get the best of me.  I do not want to look the way I do anymore. 

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